This Art is Bad
when i have painful, terrible, gut-wrenching anxiety, i draw mashed-up zombie faces and it makes me feel a little better
he’s much more beautiful in person. the colour blending and the vividness is much better on paper. i guess i just keep playing with it til it looks as good…
copics and ink! 
bloop bloop
truffle turtle
i can’t draw and it is stressing me majorly out and bumming me out
i hate days off because at the end of them i get so stressed 
Made some disembodied sprite heads for my townspeople in ACNL
i would like to do all of townspeople, but they take forever… they’re cute though, right???
i have been thinking of making an animal crossing blog, but i already have a side blog with 0 followers…
HI! You don't have to reply or anything, but i wanted to let you know the link to your other blog in the description doesn't work D:


Well it should be working now! UuU

Thanks for letting me know!